Craig and Toni's wedding in Raro

Craig and Toni's day was small, simple and laid back but bursting with smiles and love.  I was honoured to be asked to photograph the wedding of one of my oldest school friends (in one of the most beautiful locations on earth!).  Gone are the days where we dress up in matching dickies and flexi caps or compete for the brownest tummy over a summer in Whanga.  Now (a little) more sensible and grown up Toni made the most beautiful bride, her happiness in the company of her new husband radiated and lit up the faces of their closest friends and family.  A sweet beach ceremony quickly transformed into one awesome party.  Shirts came off, dance moves came out and I dropped the bouquet!  Thanks Phil for capturing that by the way.  The next day we jumped on scooters and ventured round to the other side of the island for a dip in the wedding clothes.  Had to be done really.

All the best you two xx 

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